Security and Technology

The Andesmar fleet, security and technology.

The best units and the best service

We know that our customers deserve the best service, that's why our bus fleet is made up of the most modern units. Being technology and security leaders makes us fulfill our commitment to provide the best service. Andesmar has a fleet composed of 220 units: 169 semicama buses, 44 Cama and 9 Suite category buses.


Our passengers and crew safety is the cornerstone of the development of our work. For this reason, we have constant technical revisions of our units, permanent incorporation of technology, highly trained personnel and we are supported by brands such as Volvo (a Swedish leading automotive safety company) and Michelin (a prestigious tire manufacturer in the world). This allows us to reach the highest quality standards.

To reinforce our prevention policy, each of our cars is checked before and after each trip under the requirements of the European Economic Community.

The existence of bases of operations distributed in different areas of the country (such as Jujuy, Cordoba, Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Neuquén) provide us with important support, both for the mechanical reinsurance of cars, and for the changeover of the drivers; ensuring the proper functioning of the units and the proper rest of those who drive them.

Volvo units

The modern fleet of Andesmar includes state-of-the-art Volvo units, allowing us to provide security and comfort to our passengers. The Swedish company is at the forefront of technological developments, producing vehicles that are reliable and highly efficient in their performance.

Among the outstanding innovations of our units we find:

Automatic gearbox - I Shift Unique in Latin America, for mass production buses. This allows an improvement in the vehicle circulation, and a more efficient use of the fuel, generating a significant energy saving. We reduce emissions to be eco-friendly.

Brake system The units have the ABS device, to prevent locking of the wheels, and ASR, which equals the traction force on the wheels, allowing a more secure brake system.

EPS damping system It is a drive system that stabilizes the vehicle to avoid the vehicle overturning. Volvo units are the only to provide this technology in the country.

On-board computer Our buses have a display to know the state of the engine, brakes, suspension, gearbox and lights, among other elements, for a precise real-time check of the units.

Michelin tires

Andesmar chooses this leading company as their tire supplier. Michelin's designs withstand even the most demanding conditions of urban traffic and allow greater resistance to impacts. The wheel adherence and stability offered by the use of this tire, combined with greater tractive power in starts, braking and maneuvers. We make our trips safer and more comfortable.

Metalsur bus bodies

To support Argentine products, Andesmar carries out a policy of purchasing body units, carried out by a prestigious company from the Argentinian city of Rosario: Metalsur.

Founded in 1989, Metalsur is a company specialized in the manufacture of car bodies, counting on an adequate plant infrastructure with 45,000 m2 of total surface. Innovation and quality in the field of industry and services are what positions the company in the transport market.

The manufacturer company presents a new range of models that, besides having robustness and tradition, take care of the forms design and a variety of details, achieving a product that prioritizes functionality and safety. Metalsur presented a new and advanced range of models in the passenger transportation area, called Starbus. Andesmar has the versions I and II in its fleet.

Marcopolo Bus Bodies

Marcopolo is one of the largest manufacturers of bus bodies in the world. With constant investments in design and innovation, the company participates actively in the development and implementation of solutions for the collective transport of passengers in the main world markets.

Developed to provide the highest standards of safety and comfort, the Paradiso 1800 DD is a result of the sum of sophistication, ample internal space and technology.

The models with Cama and Semicama seats, provide comfort and safety.


Andesmar's human capital is made up of a solid workforce. That is our most important resource, selected, educated and trained to respond to the commitment acquired over 50 years of uninterrupted service in the transportation of passengers.

Our Human Resources policy is based on the values of respect, support, direction, participation, communication and teamwork. Our effort is oriented towards the promotion of professional and individual growth of employees, as well as increasing the degree of identification with the interests and values of the company.

The training and improvement are carried out in a permanent way to all lines of commands, and personnel of Andesmar. The objective is to help to develop our employees' talent, so that they can perform their work efficiently and incorporate technical / professional skills and attitudes aligned with the vision and mission of the company.

Each year, induction, quality, corrective maintenance, technical training, operational development programs, management development, agency development and human and development resource training programs, specifically for Andesmar, are designed and implemented. The quality and safety of our service depend on the integral development and training of our staff.

Quality and road safety policy

"We connect with quality and road safety", represents our commitment to implement a quality management system in compliance with the ISO 9001: 2008, and apply good practices for the automotive passenger transport. We have implemented a road safety management system in keeping with the IRAM 3810: 2006 standard, thus, providing our customers with a higher quality service, always bearing in mind the comfort and safety.

Always at the forefront of the public long-distance passenger transportation market, our desire is to deal with all our clients requirements, we continuously improve the efficiency of the quality management system and the road safety management system. We add value to each stage of the process of providing our services and we comply with the applicable legal requirements. One of our goals is to keep our personnel constantly trained under quality standards and good practices in the field of long-distance transportation.

We are constantly looking for strategic partnerships with suppliers and colleagues, to be more effective and efficient in the value chain of our services.

Everybody in this great family, called Andesmar, are constantly seeking the satisfaction of our customers, thus, contributing, not only to our professional development, but also to our organization, making it a successful, profitable entity and long-lasting.

Selection of personnel

In its development, Andesmar is currently recruiting personnel in its different areas and for the following tasks:

- Long-distance drivers.
- On-board bus staff.
- Administrative.
- Technicians in their respective fields.

This process is performed by professionals from the Personnel Selection unit, who, aware of the importance of having the appropriate staff, take into account the new trends in assessment techniques, and apply them to candidates.

From the design of the templates, the description of the jobs, the nature of the work and the type of selection by competences, definition of profiles in interviews, psychotechnical tests, to the information gathered from each of the candidates, their subsequent report and effective analysis. Everything mentioned above is part of a meticulous selection process of our human resource, being able to integrate into the organization and being able to understand their true responsibility in the service we offer throughout the country.

Those interested in becoming part of the Andesmar team can send us your CV, with work history and work references to: . The position or area that you would like to occupy must be specified in the email subject.

Social development

We are aware of human capital, that's why Andesmar has a sector that diagnoses and contextualizes the problems and needs of its employees. All this from a professional and comprehensive perspective that considers the economic, psychological and social aspects of the individual and his family environment, with the purpose of knowing the interrelationship of the productive and the human.