Andesmar Foundation

Guido Badaloni Foundation

The Andesmar Foundation

The Andesmar Foundation was created under the name of "Guido Badaloni Foundation" at the end of 2007, by an initiative of the third generation of the family of Don Guido Badaloni.

It is the expression of the institutional commitment of the organization, created from a corporate motivation to promote sustainable initiatives that strengthen the social development of Argentina and the region's, contributing to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants.

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To provide practical and operative services to public and private organizations and to the community in general, that aim at sustainable development, respecting diversity, promoting social equity and the recognition, valuation and human capital potential that these organizations have.


To develop and capitalize community integration routes, in a clear commitment to command to society the values of an institution committed to corporate social responsibility.

Our job

The Andesmar Foundation is committed to working with all its target audience, contributing and maintaining relationships based on mutual respect and trust.

The foundation aims to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the community in which it is inserted.

The foundation increases its commitment by providing the resources available to to meet the demand. The programs and actions respond to the promotion of the following areas: integration, health, education and sustainability.

The recipients vary according to the action, but most of beneficiaries belong to the internal community, represented by the collaborators and their direct family. The company is made up of Autotransportes Andesmar, El Rápido Internacional, Tramat S.A., Andesmar Cargas, Andesmar Industrial, Condominios and Tramat and others U.T.E

On the other hand, some of the programs have an impact on the external community, these include: Schools, Social Civil Organizations, Foundations and Hospitals, among others.

Work fields

1. Education

Guido Badaloni Cens: completion of education.

This makes possible for youth and adults to complete high/secondary school. The possibility of having its own educational center allows the Andesmar Foundation to expand the offer to the external community and not only company employees.

The methodology of the classes is distance-learning, plus a system of booklets by subject, this allows students to stay within the program, managing to overcome family and work inconveniences that may arise during the time of study.

Training and professional training courses.

• Vocational orientation
• PC operator course
• Legal assistant course

2. Integration

Internal activities:

• Corporate volunteering
• Recreational activities
• Courses and preparation for employees and relatives
• Free Counseling Integral Program
• Family Accompaniment Program
• Theatrical Improvisation Event
• Summer Recreational Activities
• Family Economy Workshops

External activities:

• Solidarity on Wheels: The company plays the role of the responsible agent of social, political and economic development of its environment, contributing through the provision of resources that promote health and favor, educational cultural, recreational development at all levels of society.

• Social investment: It is divided into four areas:
a. Donation of tickets to institutions.
b. Provision of units for socio-educational trips for school institutions.
c. Transfer of donations to different parts of the country.
d. Delivery of units, under a commodatum agreement, for projects with social purposes.

• Free-of-trafficking routes: A campaign that aims to the community and the passengers on this matter, by vinyl wrapping units and by distributing brochures in different points of sale throughout the country, in conjunction with dissemination and training of personnel to detect possible cases and what to do in the case of detecting one case.

• Ophthalmologic control and provision of lenses for children from remote or far-away-zones schools: together with Fundación Dyter and Luis Trombeta Optics, a solidarity-based action was carried out in Uspallata, Mendoza; where 57 children and 27 adults received vision care and their lenses for free.

• Blood Donation Campaign: which includes 3 steps:
• Information and awareness about blood donation.
• Importance of donation.
• The concept of voluntary donor and requirements.

After these actions, the stage of forming a donor registry was launched and to enter a third stage where the volunteers will participate in a day of donation. The campaign was held by the popular Argentinian actor, Facundo Arana, who recorded a message for all of the company's collaborators, and a spot that is broadcasted in all the Andesmar passenger transport units.

• School City Tour: Educational tour in the City of Mendoza for underprivileged children, without charge.

3. Health

Program for a Healthy Life "Small Actions, Big Rewards". Providing services such as: medical office, psychologist, nutritionist, physical activity planning, and clinical analyses.

Breast Cancer Campaign
In synergy with the Breast Cancer Prevention Program of the Ministerio de Salud (Ministry of Health), the founding employees, wives and mothers of collaborators were convened to perform the annual mammography study.

"Companies supporting Blood donation" Campaign
In cooperation with the VALOS Organization and the Regional Center of Haemotherapy of the Province.

Delivery of units on loan
The Foundation, together with the company, performs this type of delivery to institutions whose projects have social purposes of important impact on the community.

Examples include, the delivery of units to the El Tigre Municipality, whose project was to have a vehicle for blood collection. Also, a car was given to the Godoy Cruz Municipality, in order to turn it into a mobile training room that reaches the most remote areas of the municipality.

CPR Courses
We are aware of the fact that cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in the world. Every year, staff are trained in CPR techniques. Specialist physicians, with the necessary equipment, visit the sectors by organizing groups of people and teaching them CPR techniques, which are then repeated by each of the employees.

4. Sustainability

Policies in a rational office printing environment, optimizing the use of technology for the management of everyday information. To avoid making unnecessary prints, to use cartridges that do not affect the environment or to use recycled ones, to donate the paper that is discarded to recycling cooperatives.

The conscious use of lighting and energy saving. The efficiency in the use of the energy, carried out with the replacement of all the common bulbs/lights with energy-saving bulbs (generating less heat, increased durability and brighter light). It has also been implemented with the wise use of air conditioning during summer season.

Donation to different Cooperatives of Electronic Waste Recyclers
The company collaborates with recycling associations and cooperatives, which receive electronic waste, if possible, some are recovered, and if it is not, they ensure the correct disposal of this type of waste, such as: personal computers or PC (including central unit, mouse, and keyboard), monitors, printers, photocopiers, scanners and phones.

Waste Containers
To recycle and minimize waste. To this end, the safety and hygiene sector carried out recycling training for all personnel.

An especially important point in these trainings was to carefully distinguish the colors of the recycling, to know what kind of products should go in each container, and to differentiate the materials from which some containers or products that we use daily are made of. As a result of these, different waste containers were placed in strategic points of the company, to ensure its correct use.


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