Our history

The history of Andesmar

A history of steady growth

Don Guido Badaloni, founder of the company, was and will be the permanent reflection of our customer commitment, together with the constant growth of his great enterprise.

Don Guido arrived in Mendoza from the Italian city of Ancona in the middle of the 1920 in search of his dreamland. He soon settled in the province.

In 1940, he acquired its first truck, used for the transport of vegetables. This first unit covered the route from Tupungato to the city of Mendoza, the capital city.

Four years later, guided by his clear business vision, Don Guido acquired his first bus company called "El Fifi". This was a pioneering venture in the transportation of passengers within Argentina.

Not much later, Don Guido partnered with Cayetano Caruso, forming the "Badaloni - Caruso" company. The company covered the routes between the departments of Mendoza and Rivadavia, with a distance of about 60 kilometers from each other.

Years later, the company sold "El Fifi" and acquired "Expreso Campo Los Andes (ECLA)", covering the route between Mendoza and La Consulta, (covering 120 kilometers back and forth) passing by the city of Tunuyán.

ECLA provided the foundation for the creation of Andesmar Autotransportes, in December 1967. ECLA was a company that in its early years made trips between Mendoza and Bahia Blanca (in the Province of Buenos Aires), linking the intermediate points between the Andes mountain range and the sea.

In 1972, the company Badaloni - Caruso dissolved, then Don Guido and his sons became owners of Autotransportes Andesmar, a company that continued to grow and expand throughout the country. This development allowed the company to expand and provide services within Chile, offering there also, an excellent service.

And Andesmar continues to grow nowadays. Today, in the hands of the third generation of the Badaloni family, the company offers the most extensive tour of Argentina. It travels 45,105,040 million kilometers to carry 1,811,833 passengers per year.