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Special trips (group travel)

What are Andesmar special trips?

This is the service that makes possible the contracting of Andesmar Group bus units, for special purposes, for non pre-established routes.

It is a service for groups. From corporate travel, student, sports, religious and recreational tourism.

The units available are the same ones that travel the routes of the country: Cama-Ejecutivo (double-decker bus with 36 seats); Cama and Semicama (double-decker bus with 53 seats).

In all cases, it is possible to add on-board service (meals and refreshments usually served on long distance routes).

Who is this service planned for?

The service is aimed at companies, NGOs, civil and sports associations, public bodies or just groups of people who are interested in travelling to a particular destination.

Benefits of group travel

What sets us apart from the competition is that, we are the Andesmar Group, which guarantees the largest number of bus units available in the country to cover any route or desired time. In this way, in addition to quality and safety, we reduce the cost of the "empty kilometer", that is, the distance that the units have to travel from the base to where the passengers to be picked up are located.

In addition to the benefits noted above, it is possible to pay in full and / or partially the cost of the service with one or more credit cards.

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