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The applicant for an Andesmar agency, must have previous experience in the commercialization of intangibles and services, have a strong commercial profile, be proactive and predisposed to the fulfillment of objectives, possess knowledge in customer service, handling confidential information and submit to processed work; as well as operating computer systems.

Without exclusions due to age or gender.

It is autonomous and independent to the "AFIP" and provincial and municipal agencies in relation to the company, becoming a different taxpayer of the company and with a commercial contract. In this sense, according to the activity is categorized as employer of the staff dedicated to the official agencies.

To be a company's agent you will have to be convened by the Agency Department and interviewed for this purpose, negotiating the commercial conditions.

You will be trained in sales, accountability, management of corporate and institutional media, operating procedures and customer service.

Before assuming your functions as a commercial for an account and order of the company, you will have to demonstrate your performance in an official agency of the company.

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