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E-TICKET is easy, safe and eco-friendly

With E-ticket you don't have to print your tickets, you just have to get on the bus with your ID.
For the moment, this procedure is only valid for Andesmar Group companies: (Andesmar, Tramat, El Rápido Internacional, Coitram and Buttini).

How to print your tickets:

To print tickets purchased online, you may enter the details of the person who will be traveling, or the credit card holder's.

Click the "PRINT TICKETS" button, then, complete the fields and select the bus ticket you want to print.


Andesmar destinations

We travel the country completely, connecting destinations with the best service, which Andesmar offers its passengers.

Our company travels more than 5,000,000 kilometers per month, we are at the forefront of national transportation

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Our bus fleet

Our bus fleet is made up of the most modern units.

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