What is it?

It is a system of online bus ticket sales, for self-management, for businesses that want to incorporate more options and solutions, with the same possibilities and benefits as a traditional bus ticket sales agency.

The commerce that enters the system accesses the same services and promotions as any physical point of sale of the Andesmar Group in the country. From there, you will be able to sell regular tickets and from all of the bus companies that operate with this standardized sales system.

Who is this service directed to?

The service is directed and available to any business or physical point of sale that wants to incorporate an additional business option, regardless of its geographical location, as long as it is located outside a bus terminal.


The self-management service will not mean administrative work or extra costs. The service does not require guarantees or deposits; and most importantly, the business that incorporates the system, can sell tickets to any destination in the country, and abroad, with the companies that are part of the Andesmar Group.

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